About Nic

"Who is he?"

"What can he do for me?"

"Does he actually know something about fitness?"

All those questions are pretty legit considering how the industry is at the moment, full of fake coaches or influencers (not all of them but most of them) having no knowledge but still trying to teach people how to train...

The good news is that I am NONE of them... I am one of the last fully passionate coaches, willing to genuinely help people achieve their goals and turn them into a lifestyle. 

I am a coach and nutritionist (originally from Belgium) and I specialise in body transformations. But this is not how I started my career... I have 2 Master Degrees, one in Finance and the other one in Sports Management and ended up working 9 to 5++, gaining weight and not being happy with the way I looked but also the way I felt.

I decided to quit and follow my passion (nutrition and fitness) to become fully qualified as well as completing additional courses to expand my knowledge with Precision Nutrition. After spending years working with European football clubs and basketball, I wanted to utilise my experience in the sports field to support my clients’ to achieve a better, stronger and healthier version of themselves in a way that was personalised to each individual. 

I love to challenge myself in my own fitness journey and to share this with my clients to demonstrate that they can all challenge themselves far beyond their comfort zone. It is important for my clients to see that I live for it and I am not there preaching something I don't do for myself. For this reason, I compete in the IFBB Men's Physique, as there is no better way to challenge yourself than pushing through your own personal limits.

I am continuously looking to improve and work on my clients’ programs to be sure people keep improving and get the best out of every part of their transformation.

Together let’s create the right balance of fitness and nutrition for YOU and YOUR transformation to create YOUR best healthy lifestyle for life.

Looking forward to seeing you soon on the program most suited to your needs.