You want to start your journey, choose your program, follow the steps and within 24 hours you will be ready to go.

The 12 weeks fitness challenge is here!

It is time to bring more rewards towards our hard work to become fitter and healthier.

You keep losing motivation and/or interest... I get you and this is why the 12 weeks fitness challenge is perfect for you!!


Because you have 3 months to get fitter with the chance to win money!! 

The idea of the challenge is to add 50% of the fee into an uncapped prize pool which means that the more people in the challenge, the more money in the pot.


I am sure you are, so let's get a little bit more into details. 

  • Tailored nutrition plan
  • Tailored workout plan
  • Access to the app with videos of the exercises
  • Home based or at the gym, the choice is yours
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Ongoing support through the app (messages,...)

At the end of the 12 weeks (3 months), my team and I will decide on the 3 best male and the 3 best female transformations who will then take the pot away.

I want to join!!!!

You have until the 27/05/2023 to join the challenge, which starts on the 1st of June 2023.

You can directly scroll down to sign up! Follow all the steps and when it is done, do not forget to download the Kahunas app as well as signing up as there will be a pre-start questionnaire to fill-in so your programs can be ready for the start of the challenge.

Looking forward to have you all and getting you fitter!!


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