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Daily supps for a healthy body

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Nowadays we have so much access to different sorts of supplements from pharmacies or online where the choices are even more important.

But do we really need all of them or are we abusing them?

From my experience, I would suggest 7 supplements to take on a daily basis to help the body to work as its best. Of course, depending on each individual and some physical issues, you might have to add some extra supplements.

Here is my go to:

Whey protein: If you struggle to get enough protein, definitely the best option to raise the intake level. For vegan/vegetarian, I would suggest a pea protein powder.

In the morning (post breakfast):

  1. Vitamin C - Involved in the repair of tissue, formation of collagen, production of certain neurotransmitters

  2. Vitamin D - What the body needs to build and maintain healthy bones. Comes naturally from laying in the sun

  3. Turmeric - Helps to reduce the inflammation in the body and consequently would reduce the water retention in the body

  4. Omega 3-6-9 - Fatty acids helping with hundreds of function for the cells and body to work properly

In the evening (Pre bed):

  1. Zinc - Required for a large amount of processes in the body, including immune function, protein synthesis, wound healing and much more

  2. Magnesium - Helps with muscle and nerve function as well as regulating the blood pressure

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