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Tips to start your new lifestyle

We can see so many people trying to get better, to eat better and to feel better but consistently fail to it. Look at the amount of people joining the gym on the 1st of Jan every single year and by Feb, the gyms are empty.

It is nothing to do with people being lazy or having a lack of discipline and/or motivation, it comes most of the time from putting too much pressure on themselves which put them in the situation of being demotivated after a few weeks of really hardcore efforts.

This is why, it is going to be a lot more sustainable by changing your lifestyle gradually. In fact, how many years have you been on the same lifestyle? That's what I thought... so do not expect to change it overnight, take your time and make it sustainable for the long term.

Here are the tips I used with my clients to ensure that we keep moving forward to reach the objective:

  1. STOP adding pressure Set goals that are achievable in 3, 6 and 9 months so you can see progress during the start of your journey

  2. Stick to normal food It sounds silly to say but stick to real food, do not start all the juice diet etc... This would make you hate being on a diet. Instead, start by reducing the portions you are eating on the short term. When you start feeling better, start looking at macronutrients and calories to see how it can work with your body

  3. Avoid take away and ready meal Indeed, you are never really sure on how food is being cooked and delivery food is usually very oily. On the other side ready meal are very high in salt which would increase the water retention in your body

  4. Going to the gym is not compulsory but it helps You can have a healthy lifestyle without going to the gym, same as you can lose weight without going to the gym. However, adding fitness to your lifestyle helps to maintain the muscle mass which will help you when you get older. Additionally, fitness activities reduce the ageing process of body which is another good reason to be more active.

  5. Do some cardio at least every 2 days You do not need to run but a slow pace cardio on a bicycle or on a treadmill (or a walk outside) will help the fat loss process and you will also work on maintaining a healthy heart.

  6. Treat yourself Once a week, treat yourself with a great meal without any restrictions and ENJOY. This will not affect your body and/or your objectives. If your week has been really good and you know you have done

everything to stick to your plan, you definitely deserve a little treat meal :)

So just relax, take a step back and follow this journey at your own pace. And if you are willing to go for more, get yourself a coach that is truly supporting you, understanding you and not trying to do what he wants but what you would like to achieve.

Stay tuned and if you want to join the team, sign up for the CorePhysik Online coaching.

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