3 months Body Transformation

3 months Body Transformation

Perfect plan for body fat loss, learning on nutrition and lose an average of 10 to 12kg with an increase of muscles density! 


  • 24/7 support
  • Specific and tailored
  • Workout plan
  • Nutrition plan
  • Videos
  • Photoshoot & Comp preparation
  • All level of fitness
  • Weekly check-ins


Here is what you get in more details:


Nutrition plan


The diet plan is designed specifically around each individual's needs. This can change on a weekly basis if necessary. This is in order for your body to adapt and head in the right direction to meet your specific goal! All i ask is that you report to me every week for your check-ins which is going to include the weight, appetite and other variables that will help us to track your progress and getting some serious results.


Training programmes 


This will be a full weights and cardio regime, including all the tricks I have picked up over the years of training with pros and applied to myself and constantly adapted to my clients.




You will receive a list of supplements that I do recommend to use for maximizing the progress and making sure that your body is in the optimal conditions to change and develop.


24hour support/contact 


This is the key in order to get results and it is 100% the way I work for my 1-to-1 and online clients. I provide 24hr service. Any time you need to ask a question or have a worry, no matter when or what time, you can contact me. I will reply as soon as possible! My phone is always on so in most cases you will get a reply straight away! You can contact me via Whatsapp, Signal, email and/or Instagram.




Payment is made by PayPal on the website. Once payment is made, I will send you a QnA. Once you have answered it and send it back to me, it will take maximum 48 hours for you to receive everything aso we can start our journey together!